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A Beautiful Mind (2001)

The dramatic and inspiring true story of a brilliant man and his struggle against illness...

This is the movie that won the 2002 Academy Award for Best Picture, and it's well deserved. Director Ron Howard has crafted a film that is engaging, dramatic, heartbreaking, and inspiring. What makes it more powerful is that it's based on a true story. The struggles you see in A Beautiful Mind really did occur.

Russell Crowe is mathematics professor John Nash, whose intellect is so astounding that he captures the heart of one of his students, Alicia (Jennifer Connelly). In the beginning, you really see things going his way. He is also hired by the United States government for a top-secret line of work. It's the kind where Nash's knowledge and skills would definitely be useful.

But after this goes on for a while, the perspective changes. The audience goes from following Nash's point of view to following their own point of view and seeing Nash in the third person. This is where all hope is shattered. We find out that many of the things Nash had seen and done were not real. Nash is a man out of touch with reality.

Soon, we learn what is going on for sure. Nash has schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder characterized by hallucinations. The story goes from an engaging success story to a drama about living with mental illness. The way the film portrays this part of the story is just riveting. If there is one movie that can really help you understand the hardships of mental illness, this is definitely one of them.

A Beautiful Mind is structured like a convoluted roller coaster. First, there is a slow rise, then a steep drop below the starting height, and finally a gradual ascent back to the top. And it is emotional for the whole ride, especially the last part. You will be amazed by what a person can achieve despite the most challenging obstacles. Russell Crowe did not win the Oscar for Best Actor, but he was a very close runner-up. He definitely captures the struggles of a man with a beautiful mind.

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