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Drunken Master II (1994)

Drunken Master II is very exciting and definitely one of Jackie Chan's best...

Drunken Master II is the sequel to the 1978 original Drunken Master, although it doesn't entirely fit the definition of "sequel." Yes, you have Jackie Chan returning in pretty much the same role as before. Yes, you have the style of drunken kung fu that the title refers to. And yet, the main character has a different set of parents, not a more aged version of the same parents from the original film. There is little continuity in plot between the first and second Drunken Master films. Drunken Master II essentially throws it out.

In fact, why am I even talking about a plot in a Jackie Chan movie? His movies aren't known because they tell memorable stories. People see these movies for one thing only: eye-popping martial arts action. Drunken Master II is a great example of a Jackie Chan film with all of his trademarks: speedy combat, hilarious slapstick, and outrageous stunts. It definitely comes a long way from a movie with just combat and slapstick, such as the original Drunken Master.

If you are a Jackie Chan fan, you will no doubt love this movie. You will sit on the edge of your seat as Chan fights with a simple piece of wooden furniture or with a sword within narrow spaces. Plenty of fight scenes involve a jug of alcohol that Chan drinks during the fight. This is his source of power. He cannot fight well if he isn't mildly drunk. Of course, drinking too much would weaken him.

Later, the action gets really fierce. Watch Chan fight like a madman with giant bamboo sticks. This precedes the grand spectacle of Drunken Master II. The climax takes place in an industrial plant. The fighting goes on an on and on. I mean this in a good way. Every maneuver of attack and defense is part of an action-packed martial arts ballet. And if you want to see a daring stunt by Jackie Chan, here's your chance. It involves a bed of hot coals, and what you see is definitely real.

For these reasons, I really enjoyed this movie. Never before have I been so amused with laughter and excitement while watching a Jackie Chan movie. Drunken Master II, which was released in 2000 as The Legend of Drunken Master for the American audience, is definitely a high point in Jackie Chan's filmography. It's so good that no fan of Jackie Chan should miss this one. If you're not a fan but you still want to sample what Jackie Chan has to offer, this is still the movie to see. Either way, don't miss it.

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