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Hidalgo (2004)

What could have been an exciting adventure is instead a monotonous and boring story...

Let me make one thing clear. When Walt Disney Pictures announced this film, it said that it was somewhere along the lines of "based on a true story" or "inspired by actual events." From what I've been hearing, Hidalgo is not a true story, but rather a false story that was made up. In other words, this is a movie that brings to life a story that was conceived but passed down as something that actually happened. So unless I'm wrong and it really is a true story, there is no such thing as a race across the Ocean of Fire.

Viggo Mortensen of Lord of the Rings fame stars as Frank T. Hopkins, an American horseman who accepts a chance to compete in a horse race in the Middle East. Considering the long distance from start to finish, there is bound to be many dangers along the way, from desert heat to desert raiders. This sounds like a promising idea for an adventure film.

However, my experience watching this film was a mixture of being bored and uninspired. Some scenes were monotonous, like the numerous shots I've seen of Hopkins and his horse crossing the sweltering sands. The action was okay in my opinion. It's nowhere near Raiders of the Lost Ark.

So yes, there were moments where I wanted the film to go faster and get to the end sooner. Usually, when I see a good movie, I am so engrossed in what's happening that it doesn't matter how long it is. It's not the case with Hidalgo. Not even the ending put a smile on my face. It had a little text about the rest of Hopkins' life, as you would see in most biographical films (which I doubt this one is). When I saw it, I really didn't care. I was simply glad that it was over.

Overall, Hidalgo was boring enough that I wouldn't recommend it too much. I take it back. I really don't recommend it at all. It doesn't matter how many people tell you that it's entertaining. Viggo Mortensen may not be a bad actor, but not even he could save this picture.

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