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Home Alone 3 (1997)

Painfully unfunny addition to an already drawn-out movie series...

Home Alone 3 was just not necessary. Really, it wasn't. You already have two movies about a kid left by himself accidentally, one at home and one in another city. There's no other new way to explore this premise. It's done. Finished. Yet, I was crazy enough to check this movie out, even though I was one-hundred percent sure that there was no point watching it. Actually, the real reason was that someone I knew wanted to check it out.

Obviously, you know where I'm going with this. The third Home Alone movie literally repeats the first one. Well, more like the last part of the first movie, but you get the idea. Oh, that's not all. Macaulay Culkin is not in this one. Instead, we have a different boy who isn't anywhere close to being memorable like Culkin. I don't even feel like mentioning the name of the actor and the character he plays.

If you're curious, the plot is quite farfetched. A top secret microchip is hidden in a toy remote controlled car. At an airport, this toy winds up with the boy. The four people who are supposed to obtain this item try to break into the boy's house to get it. Yes, unlike the first movie that gets into the burglary in the finale, the movie goes into it fairly soon.

You would think that the movie is funny because booby traps to foil burglars were the highlight of the first two Home Alone movies. In reality, it is painful to sit through Home Alone 3 because the traps really do look painful. I found myself groaning more often, as if in pain myself, than I was laughing at the burglars in pain. It's not like the first two movies where the physical antics feel comical.

The Home Alone series should've stopped with the second movie, because there's nothing else that could be done for the series. That's why Home Alone 3 is a waste of time. It's one of many sad examples of Hollywood trying to make money off a successful film series when there is no story, cast, or anything to make the movie good. And you know how I said the booby traps look painful in this movie? Just thinking about that makes me want to be subject to that much pain, because it's better than watching this movie.

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