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Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

There is absolutely nothing of interest in this worthless cinematic waste...

When it comes to judging movies, I tend to be one of those generous critics. I actively try to find something positive in a movie that I could give credit to. If many other people dislike a movie, there's a chance I may say the movie is somewhat bad or even somewhat good depending on what I see as the movie's positive points. This is not to say that I never dislike movies. Rather, this is to say that if I actually do write a negative movie review, take that as a sign that the movie is bad.

You will notice in my one-liner above that I use three negative words: "nothing," "worthless," and "waste." A movie has to be very bad for me to use words like that in succession. Jungle 2 Jungle, a Disney family movie starring Tim Allen about a man who discovers that he has a son named Mimi-Siku raised in a native jungle culture, is so awful that I wanted the movie to end once I reached the film's fifteen minute mark. Somehow, I knew it was going to be a waste of my life.

So what's wrong with this movie? Lots of things. There is nothing original about the story, and it's a very predictable one. Everyone in the cast seems to put little effort into their performances. It's as if they knew they were in a bad movie but they were obligated to finish it. Yes, that includes Tim Allen. And anything that attempts to be a dramatic moment, like Tim Allen's frustration with his son, or a funny moment, like a joke about women and toilet seats, is completely forgettable.

I don't even want to talk about the movie. You know what I'd rather talk about? Tim Allen and his tendency to appear in bad movies. Now, I'm not picking on Tim Allen because I do like the guy. I enjoyed his role on the TV show Home Improvement and his voiceover work in the Toy Story movies. I just wonder why Tim Allen would sign up for a movie like Jungle 2 Jungle, knowing that he did do some good movies. Unless, of course, he needs the money.

I shall conclude this quick review not with a comment about the movie or its star but rather another comment about my perspective on movies. I have no doubt that other people would easily slam this movie. For me to join these critics in total agreement requires a real blow to my patience. This movie takes the cake. It's boring, unfunny, unemotional, and just plain dull. Don't waste your time with it.

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