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Liar Liar (1997)

Jim Carrey delivers a funny performance without having to overdo it...

After two Ace Ventura movies, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber, actor Jim Carrey pretty much solidified his reputation as a comic actor, particular one who plays characters that are silly and over the top. After these movies, I found it hard to imagine Carrey playing a more normal person in a comedy film. Then the movie Liar Liar came along. The poster looked simple: Carrey in a brown suit against a white background. Not anything like the wacky roles he had before. Suddenly, I was curious as to what the actor would do in this movie.

First off, I was quite impressed by the setup. Jim Carrey is a lawyer named Fletcher Reede. He is married with one son who is often disappointed because his father isn't always around, especially for his birthday. Now the boy has one coming up. Fletcher promises to be present for his son's birthday but fails again. Now the son has a wish: have a father who would never lie again.

Well, that's exactly what happens. Fletcher finds himself being honest in everything he says, even if he doesn't want to. After he engages in a sexual affair at work, he admits he had better sex with someone else. After leaving an elevator, he admits to passing gas inside. To make matters worse, he has a court case coming up. This means that, as a lawyer, he has to (gasp) be honest. For someone who has relied on lying as part of his job, you can imagine how complicated this could get.

Just because Jim Carrey plays a more ordinary man doesn't mean he isn't funny. In fact, he's very funny, even hysterical at times. I especially liked one scene where he goes nuts while honestly insulting various people, including a guy with a toupee. Come to think of it, there's another reason this movie is funny. Given how we are so used to not offending people, it's just hilarious to see a character speak so honestly without restraint. This is true even for people in real life who do this.

At the end of the movie, I felt satisfied. I had a good laugh all the way through, and I also liked Jim Carrey's character. The fact that he's not as silly as Ace Ventura or his character in Dumb and Dumber is quite refreshing. After this movie, I could confidently say that Jim Carrey is a skilled comic actor regardless of the type of humor. And you know what? If I had to list Carrey's best movies, I would certainly put Liar Liar in there, because he did do a good job in this one. And yes, I am being honest.

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