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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
(Video-Only Release, 1998)

In this continuation of The Lion King, another wonderful story emerges...

Here's another straight-to-video sequel of a Disney animated film. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride was not a movie I had expected to be made, considering that the first Lion King wrapped things up nicely. I could not help but wonder what else the characters could do. To my surprise, this movie did deliver a story I thought worked. It's not as great as the plot of the original movie, but it's still quite good, so don't dismiss this one just yet.

Simba from the first movie is now the new lion king, but he is not the main character. Instead, it's his daughter, an innocent cub named Kiara who starts to learn how dangerous it can be if she isn't careful. She seems likable enough as a character. Come to think of it, even Simba is rather interesting. Unlike before, he's now playing the role of a father, and he seems to be the protective type.

Kiara encounters a new friend in the form of a male lion cub named Kovu. The first time you see him, you quickly sense what the conflict is. Kovu is part of the pride previously led by the evil lion Scar from the first movie. What we have here is a Romeo and Juliet plotline. Kiara and Kovu become good friends, but their parents forbid the two from getting together. Anf of course, the leaders of each pride hate each other.

Is the story predictable from here on out? Sure, it is. But is it still entertaining to watch? Definitely. I thought it was captivating and moving, especially because, as someone who saw the first Lion King, I remember the situations in the original movie and could easily understand why Simba would despite Kovu's mother and vice versa. Also, this story fits in nicely with the theme of the Circle of Life, because it's about forming connections.

The one thing missing from this movie is great music. Maybe this is why they didn't release The Lion King II in theaters. If so, I agree with this move. Otherwise, I was impressed by The Lion King II: Simba's Price because it exceeded my expectations. Of course, I wouldn't want another Lion King movie, because I think this one wraps up the saga nicely. Or as the characters in the movie might put it, it completes the Circle of Life.

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