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Millions (2004)

A heartwarming story about an altruistic boy and the true meaning of doing good...

Millions is a film from the UK and from the director of Trainspotting. It is a family film featuring two child actors and themes that appeal to adults. The plot revolves around money and incorporates both saints and bank robbers. The movie works because of this idea, but it is even better because of the performances of Alex Etel as Damian and Lewis McGibbon as the older brother Anthony.

The story begins with Damian and Anthony, along with their father Ronnie, moving into their new house in a quiet little community. It is a place that is peaceful, yet without an official police force established yet, they are warned that they will be burgled. In addition to moving their things into the new house, Damian makes a small playhouse by the train tracks out of the cardboard boxes used. He spends his time in there talking to saints descending from heaven. As a kid with an intense interest in saints who have lived and died, his eyes light up every time he gets to talk to a saint with a halo.

One day, a duffel bag falls onto the cardboard playhouse while Damian is inside. When he discovers money inside, he tells Anthony about it, and the two agree to hide it under one of their beds. The two, however, have different intentions for the money since they have days left before the Euro becomes the new official currency. Damian wants to help the poor, but Anthony wants to invest it and impress other kids at school with it. When Dorothy, a woman from a charity, comes to the school to inspire the kids to donate some money, Damian proceeds to give a roll of bills from the bag rather that just a few coins.

But soon, the two boys face fear when they learn that the money came from a train robbery in which one robber throws bags of money, which is to be burned before the Euro becomes effective, off the train for other robbers in the team to pick up. One bag, of course, is found by Damian, and the robber appears at times to try to get it back. There is a dilemma now. What is the best thing to do with the money they now know is stolen?

The story, in the end, is about the good side and bad side of money and what it really means to do good. This is the important lesson that Damian eventually learns. The film also works because of the relationships among the family members and the unusual, but unique, personality that characterizes Damian. He is certainly an adorable young boy and was perfectly cast to play this character. It is a good family film because the kids here are not dumb and get into trouble easily. Rather, they are smart individuals who try to figure out how to get out of trouble when they unknowingly step into it. A touching story like this is definitely worth millions.

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