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Minority Report (2002)

A smart blend of science-fiction and crime with great surprises in the second half...

Minority Report, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, is a great example of what science-fiction does: explores an alternate world and presents interesting scientific and ethical questions. Suppose one were to possess the ability to predict future events. What usefulness can they serve? Well, if predicted future events include crimes that will be committed, why not stop the perpetrators, or rather the eventual perpetrators, before they strike? This is the first strong point about Minority Report. It begins with a idea that already pulls you in.

Tom Cruise is John Anderton, Chief of the Pre-Crime unit that arrests people for future crimes before actually committing them. These crimes are predicted by the PreCogs, a trio of beings who help this police force as seers. As the movie presents the arrest of a future murderer and a school field trip where children learn about the value of Pre-Crime's mission, there is a sense of security. You can't help but feel that Pre-Crime's ability to prevent crime is a real step forward for society, especially if it's fool-proof.

Everything seems fine until Anderton sees an image of a PreCog's prediction: Anderton himself ready to kill a man. Instantly, an adrenaline rush begins. With a perfect system like the Pre-Crime unit, there's no escape or way to prove his innocence. The hunter now becomes the hunted as Anderton flees his own forces. The action and chase scenes are exciting. They are also mesmerizing as Anderton navigates a futuristic city with automated cars and other advanced technology.

Soon, he finds that the odds might not be entirely stacked against him. He learns that the PreCogs might not be entirely perfect. There is a small possibility that one of the PreCogs could make an incorrect prediction from time to time. There is a report stating this minor error. Hence, Anderton goes on a search for the minority report, which might be the only hope to clear his name.

All of this leads to the final half hour of the movie that is just astonishing. The answer to this whole mystery is so unpredictable and cleverly conceived that it deserves applause. It's enough for me to give Minority Report one extra star on top of the 8 stars that I would have given otherwise. Steven Spielberg has given us a very good movie as its director. Overall, if you want a thrilling mystery in a futuristic world where things couldn't possibly go wrong, definitely check out Minority Report.

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