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Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Pixar presents a very touching and inspiring tale of monsters and friendship...

Monsters, Inc. is an animated film that is just perfect. It does what a family film should do: make everyone laugh, make everyone feel sad, and, most importantly, make everyone smile. There is something for everyone, young and old. The other great thing is how it surprises you, especially when you watch it and have no idea what it's about. That was part of why I myself loved this movie.

But even if you do know what's about, you will still enjoy it. The brilliant minds at Pixar cleverly expanded on an old childhood fear. Suppose there are monsters who do come out of the bedroom closet. Suppose the closet can act as a portal to a world of monsters. Suppose the monsters enter the bedroom to scare children and collect their screams because they're a valuable source of energy in the monster world.

So that's the answer to the question about the title's reference. Monsters, Inc. is really just an energy company in the monster world, run very much like your own local electric company. The film excels by creating a setting as interesting as the main characters, who, by the way, are a tall blue hairy monster named Sullivan (John Goodman) and a short green one-eyed monster named Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal).

As for the plot, it all starts with one unexpected visitor. A little girl has successfully entered the monster world through her closet door. Sully and Mike begin to panic. Children may be valuable for generating electricity, but they are also contagious and should never be touched. Even if they many not worry so much, every other monster will. What follows is a series of events triggered by this mishap.

The humorous and engaging plot is one strong point, but the strongest point of Monsters, Inc. is the theme of friendship and love. Over time, Sully becomes attached to the little girl, whom he names Boo. Pixar has their way of turning story conventions upside down. Here, the movie portrays the monster as gentle as a human being. It will really leave you smiling after it is over.

So Pixar has another big winner with Monsters, Inc. If you can take an old idea, remold it, and see what other ideas come to mind, you can surely develop an original story. Monsters, Inc. is a great example of this.

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