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Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Standard action flick with at least an interesting twist and chemistry between the stars...

The first part of this review is not really a review. It's a Hollywood gossip column. Ever since Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who star in the film as a married couple, became an actual real-life couple, leaving Jennifer Aniston in tears. Who knew a film could actually propagate the Hollywood curse of romantic links and breakups among its stars?

Of course, many kissing and sex scenes have occurred on screen between actors who aren't couples in real life. Yet, why is Mr. and Mrs. Smith not like other films where the actors go back to their lives after production? Maybe it's because the kissing and sex in this movie is steamy enough, because I remember how close these two were in the film. Then again, maybe the two actors were really looking for someone new at the time.

Let's not digress further. This is a movie review, after all. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie give lively performances as John and Jane Smith, a husband and wife with marital problems who also live separate double lives as assassins. They both have their own hiding places for their weapons: a basement for him and a trick kitchen oven for her. And they make sure to put on a show whenever they get home from their dangerous day at work.

As you expect, things gets twisted when they realize each other's secret identities. Now they must deal with a killer living under the same roof. This happens after their organizations send them on missions involving the same target, and the husband and wife interfere with each other's mission objectives.

I won't reveal what happens from that point on, even though it's possible to correctly predict some of it. I'll sum it up with what I did like about the movie. The action is pretty good and what you'd expect in an action picture. There are some scenes done a bit creatively, like a dinner scene at home in which the Smiths begin to suspect each other's double lives. There is both tension and humor with moments involving Jane using large knives to carve some meat and bread and John thinking his drink is poison.

So do the Smiths eventually break up or stay together? Find out for yourself. Just forget about the gossip about these actors. Otherwise, you might not enjoy the film as much.

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