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The Medallion (2003)

Because Jackie Chan and special effects do not mix, it's a mediocre action flick...

Let's make one thing clear. The reason Jackie Chan is an international phenomenon in martial arts pictures is because of his willingness to do his own stunts. That, along with action that is both exciting and humorous, is why I like his movies. So far, he has broken just about every bone in his body at least once. He even has a hole in his skull that still remains to this day. The point is that when you have an actor who risks the nearly impossible and looks like he's defying the laws of physics, it's so cool to watch. For this reason, I often care less about the plot in Jackie Chan movies, because what he does on screen is the real show.

I say that Chan looks like he's violating the laws of physics, but it does not mean he actually is. So when you have a Jackie Chan movie like The Medallion that makes him do so with special effects, the entertainment value is completely lost. We've come to know him as someone who doesn't need special effects. Here, we have a movie that either forgets about why he is famous or thinks that doing it their way is just as good. As a result, the only real Jackie Chan movie here is from the beginning to the scene where he gains supernatural powers.

The plot revolves around Chan as Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong inspector who dies in an accident but is brought back to life with a magical medallion. The villain also wants this medallion because of the powers it holds. That's really all I will say about the plot because there's nothing real special about it. Again, I like the beginning of the movie. I don't like the rest of the movie once he gains these powers. Jackie Chan running extremely fast or accidentally pulling a door off its hinges isn't Jackie Chan. This is absolutely the wrong role for him.

On the other hand, I do like two of the supporting actors. Lee Evans as Jackie Chan's goofy sidekick is funny in many scenes. He has the look of a comic actor and is a good fit for it. The lovely Claire Forlani plays Chan's love interest. She has a mesmerizing appearance and it's nice that she and Chan share kisses on screen.

Still, it doesn't save the movie. The Medallion is one of many movies that serves as a lesson for Hollywood writers and filmmakers. If you are going to make a film featuring a renowned star, you have to know why he or she is famous. In fact, any film requires research to get the most important things right. It's a shame that Jackie Chan's talent had to be wasted this way. If you want to amuse your audience, you have to know what they want. Simple as that.

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