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The Wedding Singer (1998)

Not a bad romantic comedy, and the 1980s setting makes it interesting enough...

The Wedding Singer begins with a groovy song. Yes, I say groovy because the film takes place in 1985. The song is Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" and is sung by Robbie, the title character played by Adam Sandler. It is a nice opening for the film because Sandler does a good job singing it. Plus, the scenes of the wedding where Robbie is singing are funny.

Robbie soon has a problem. The woman he marries suddenly decides to leave him at the last minute on their wedding day. In a funny way, he lashes out at her, demanding to know why she didn't tell him the day before. Soon after, he meets Julia, played by Drew Barrymore. Over time, the two seem to hit it off, and Julia wonders whether the guy she's already with is worth having, especially because his last name rhymes with her first.

There is something about Adam Sandler in this movie that makes him likable. Some people may say that his screwball comedy tends to be tasteless. I have no problem believing that, but at the same time, it depends on the movie as well. In The Wedding Singer, he's your average joe. He's a guy who loses his love and tries to find another. I don't think Adam Sandler is a bad actor overall. At least, not in this movie.

And if you're a fan of 1980s culture, this film will appeal to you as well. Expect to see portrayals of Boy George and David Bowie. The clothes and hairdos will also take you back in time. And if you stick around for the credits, you might get an extra dose of the film's 80ish soundtrack.

To be honest, I can't really say why I liked it. I just did. Maybe it was the presence of the 1980s and what I could barely remember about it. Maybe it was the music. I liked the Dead or Alive song as well as "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Presidents of the USA. Then again, maybe it was because of Adam Sandler. Instead of a real screwball character, he plays a more regular and likable person. Whatever it is, I'm giving it 6 out of 10 stars.

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