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Movie Information The Internet Movie Database
The IMDb is literally the Earth's biggest movie database with content that is vast like no other. Look up information about your favorite films, movie stars, and much more. If you would like to post your own comments about a film or contribute movie information, here's your chance.

The Internet Movie Script Database
For some movie lovers, especially aspiring filmmakers, a film can be enjoyed by reading its original script. The IMSDb is a place where you can find reprints of scripts related to your favorite movies. The content of the site is free and accessible to everyone.

Springfield! Springfield!
Springfield! Springfield! is a rather unique resource: a database containing transcripts of movies and television shows. Instead of formatted screenplays, the transcripts simply list the dialogue that appears in the movie or TV show. According to the site's owner, the transcripts are obtained from other people's transcripts, but presented here in an easy-to-read format, and have been used by people learning about film and screenwriting.
Organizations Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is best known for the most prestigious awards for film: the Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Oscars. It is the event that all of Hollywood and movie lovers eagerly anticipate. Search the website for information about the next Academy Awards ceremony as well as the winners of past Academy Awards.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association runs the Golden Globes, another notable award that celebrates achievement in film. The ceremony is viewed by many and is often considered a prelude to the Oscars. You can find much information about the latest ceremony and the past winners of the Golden Globes.

American Film Institute
The American Film Institute has many ways to celebrate the achievements of American film. They present their annual Lifetime Achievement Award to influential actors and filmmakers and commemorate the greatest films in various top movie lists. You can also look forward to their annual AFI Awards for their selections of the best movies and TV programs of the year.

National Film Preservation Foundation
The National Film Preservation Foundation manages the National Film Registry, an archive that compiles films of significance in American cinema and culture. 25 films are selected each year to be preserved in the United States Library of Congress. Check out the selections to celebrate the greatness and diversity of American film.
Film Reviews and Info Rotten Tomatoes
With so many critics reviewing movies of the past and present, you need a way to get an overall impression of a film. Rotten Tomatoes does just that with a scoring system based on compilations of reviews for a single film. There's no easier way to check out what everyone is saying for a movie you've seen or want to see. has provided movie reviews and DVD reviews for the film fanatic since 1995. There are many reviews from a variety of critics working for the site. Other features include top movie lists and news of the latest film festivals.

Roger Ebert
Known for his witty and interesting reviews of movies, both on TV and in print, Roger Ebert (1942-2013) was one of the most famous movie critics. This website archives all of the movie reviews that he's ever written for the Chicago Sun-Times. Other interesting features include Great Movies, the Movie Answer Man, and commentary articles, as well as new movie reviews from various contributing critics.

Ebert Presents At the Movies
Roger Ebert was involved in several movie review programs on television for over 30 years, including Sneak Previews, Siskel and Ebert, and Ebert and Roeper. This tradition continued with Ebert Presents At the Movies, hosted by Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky with occasional guest contributors. The show ended in 2012 due to a lack of public funding, but the site is still up for viewing.

Movie Blogger
Movie Blogger is an online community of film reviewers, allowing ordinary people to post and share their movie reviews. The site is useful for people who write film reviews as well as those who simply want to browse through written reviews.

Talkie Gazette
This site describes itself as "ever expanding online movie guide." Managed by Stewart Hoffman, doubles as a blog for films new and old (hence, the term "talkie") and a newsletter about movies (hence, the term "gazette"). The site reviews movies and rates them on a 1-to-5 star scale, and even recommends the best format to view the film, whether on a regular theater screen, in an IMAX theater, or at home.

The big selling point of Moviepilot is that this movie community has over 20 million followers. Various contributors write all sorts of blog posts, whether they are film reviews, news items, top ten lists, or other kinds of commentary. The content of Moviepilot focuses on the latest film releases, particularly action, science-fiction, and horror movies.

Hockey Masks, High Schools, and Popcorn
This is a website dedicated to movies of the 1980s. Owned and managed by two guys named Shawn and Mike, HHP presents weekly hour-long audio podcasts with commentary on various 80s films. In addition, the two guys have special episodes called Totally Tubular Editions in which they discuss things from 1980s culture unrelated to movies.

Movie Room Reviews
A site run by Zack Mandell, Movie Room Reviews features a variety of content related to movies. In addition to movie reviews, the website features trailers, film stills, and even interviews with cast and crew. As stated on the site, "MRR works with actors/actresses, producers, directors, and agents to try and ensure that our readers have access to the latest pictures, videos, and news updates about their favorite people and movies."
Free Online Movies Hulu and Crackle
Hulu and Crackle are two ad-supported websites that offer movies to watch legally for free. While they mostly provide films that are not well known and have lower budgets, they do have a handful of major Hollywood films, which often rotate in and out of availability on the site. These sites also provide full episodes of some television shows.
Online Movie Tickets Fandango and
Fandango and are widely known as sites for online movie ticket purchases. People can look up showtimes for films at particular theaters and buy tickets in advance. The sites also provide general information about movies, videos of film trailers, and other features.


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