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300 (2006)

From the brilliant mind of Frank Miller comes another stylized visual spectacle...

After watching Frank Miller's Sin City and being amazed by its unique style of visual presentation, I knew I had to see 300. What made me want to see it more was the fact that it's a fictionalized account of a historical battle between 300 Spartans and 1 million Persians. I knew nothing about that battle other than the astronomical disproportion between the two sides, which a friend told me about. I went into the film thinking the 300 would actually win. Even if you're a historian and know the outcome, it doesn't change the fact that the film is a lot of fun to watch.

In a film like this, you might as well forget about who played who. I pretty much did that, but I make the exception for Gerard Butler, who plays King Leonidas. His performance is solid as he portrays a leader who will stop at nothing to defend Sparta against the impossible. There are scenes where the brave 300 use strategy and cunning before strength and agility. The battle scenes use a lot of slow-motion to get us to appreciate every moment of the battle. It's a great way to portray a battle where the odds are virtually impossible to beat. Otherwise, it would be your usual epic where everyone is fighting all at once and you're watching it all go by quickly.

I should clarify that the film is not one continuous battle spanning three-fourths of this two hour movie. There are scenes with Leonidas's wife and son and also a council scene later on. However, that's really about it. There is enough of a plot leading up to the battle itself and interrupting the battle sequences so that one can take a break from the action.

If 300, and Sin City for that matter, proves one thing, it's that graphic novels can be an excellent source for film adaptations. The visuals in the book can be used as a storyboard for the film. The step from graphic novel to film is a much smaller step than from a nongraphic book to film. After seeing 300, I wondered how many other graphic novels can be brought to life like this.

This is not a film for historical film lovers because it's not accurate. It's certainly not for those who do not want to see blood, graphic stabbings, or beheadings. It is two hours of eye candy, but artistic eye candy. If you're still interested, then give this movie a shot. As the movie poster for 300 says, prepare for glory.

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