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Babe (1995)

A lovable pig and other animals are brought to life with real movie magic...

Babe features a talking pig so adorable that one may not look at pigs the same way again. This character doesn't just walk around and do things like any pig would. He also exhibits a real personality, one of gentle innocence and friendliness. This is all thanks to technology that could synch the animal's lips with the voices given to them by actors. It's quite stunning.

The story of Babe is a mix of vignettes about life on a farm and an overarching plot. The latter involves an upcoming sheepherding contest in which a sheepdog must demonstrate mastery at leading a group of sheep into a pen. Because Babe has been raised by sheepdogs, there might be an opportunity for the pig to get involved in a very interesting way. Who says pigs can't herd sheep?

There are only a few human characters worth noting. Mainly, the film stars James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur Hoggett and Magda Szubanski as his wife Esme. You don't get to see too much of them, because the animals are the focus. That's not the say the human characters are boring. No, they're likable. Still, I took a lot more interest in the animals, especially Babe, the cute talking pig.

So let's get back to the animals, shall we? Overall, their scenes may offer humor or sadness but ultimately provide delight for the audience. It's heartwarming to watch the adorable Babe live his life as a little pig and somber to hear that some animals ultimately face slaughter. I like how this film, which is aimed for kids and adults alike, is honest about the ups and downs of life. There's essentially no sugarcoating here.

With that, I am giving the movie Babe a pretty good rating. There is realism in the visual portrayal of the animals and the way the story is told. It's a simple but beautiful story from beginning to end, getting better as it moves along. And you'll definitely like the ending. It'll make you want to celebrate Babe the pig. I think it's summed up best by Farmer Hoggett's final line to his beloved pig: "That'll do, pig. That'll do."

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