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Bill Cosby: Himself (1983)

Bill Cosby's 1983 stand-up comedy performance is probably the greatest one ever...

I love stand-up comedy. Some of my favorite comedians include George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld, although I wish I had more time to see other great comedians in action. Bill Cosby is another one of my favorites. There is something about Cosby's sense of humor that is very unique. His comedy does not depend on telling about something in an unfamiliar and creative way nor does it depend on challenging the conservativeness of society with swear words. Cosby simply describes life and its way of making us laugh and cry.

That's exactly what he does in Bill Cosby: Himself. The audience laughs because he tells about things we can all relate to. When he describes the effects of alcohol or the difficulties of parenthood, he is doing nothing more than describe life itself. Life itself is hilarious if you know how to see it that way. Of course, he enhances it with funny facial expressions and sounds, but his storytelling is still the heart of his comedy.

I have seen part of this performance the first time and later got a chance to see it from beginning to end. Despite hearing some of the jokes before, I could still not help but laugh out loud until I was out of breath. That's another thing about Cosby. His humor sometimes doesn't get tiresome too quickly. I could watch it ten times and still be rolling on the floor. To make you laugh this hard the first time is one thing. To be able to do it over and over again is a sign of pure genius.

It's hard for me to pick what my favorite parts are in this stand-up comedy performance. They are all amazingly hysterical. I laughed really hard when I listened to Cosby's story about his wife being pregnant with their first child, their decision to have natural childbirth, and her excruciating delivery. His take on the hardships of family life is also a wonderful treat. Then there's a funny childhood memory about thinking his name was Jesus Christ because his father swore at him a lot.

I haven't seen too many comedy performances, but Bill Cosby: Himself is no doubt the most hilarious stand-up comedy show I have ever seen. It's virtually impossible to watch it without laughing at least once. This is proof that Bill Cosby is a legend among comedians. He has done so much for people, whether they are members of the African-American community or just everyone in general, but he will be forever known for one thing: making us all smile and laugh at ourselves.

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