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Coffy (1973)

Coffy is an entertaining blaxploitation pic with a solid plot and main character...

Actress Pam Grier is the main reason that the 1973 film Coffy works. Within a running time of one and a half hours, she demonstrates a real ability to portray multiple dimensions of one character. Grier plays the title character of Coffy as someone who can be sweet during her regular job, vicious while getting revenge, seductive when it's advantageous, and just downright sexy in every moment. All of this makes her a heroine whom we can sympathize with and root for. Believe me. If there's one reason to see Coffy, it's Pam Grier.

Of course, that's not the only reason Coffy is an engaging movie. It's also the story. In the beginning of the movie, we see Coffy posing as a prostitute as she is introduced to a nightclub owner interested in her services. They, along with another man as a driver, come into an apartment where the john gets ready for some action. But Coffy is ready for some action of her own. She pulls out a shotgun and proceeds to blast the john in the face. As for the other guy who drove them to the apartment, Coffy kills him with an overdose of heroin. All of this because Coffy's precious younger sister was lured into drug addiction.

Things quickly get interesting. In the next scene, Coffy is working in her night job as a nurse. Interestingly, the man whom she shot is a trauma patient there. Furthermore, the police arrive to investigate this matter plus the death of the other man in the apartment. Soon, things catch up to Coffy when her cop friend named Carter is brutally beaten, likely as retaliation. Coffy sets off to get revenge for her sister and her friend. Her mission takes her into a prostitution ring run by a pimp named King George. She discovers connections with Italian gangsters, including one named Arturo Vitroni, and a network of corruption that exists beyond the underworld of drugs and prostitution.

The movie has what you expect in a good sinful thriller. You've got violence that isn't so over the top, but it delivers some real bang. You've got unshameful sex and nudity. And to a certain degree, you've got profane language that adds some grittiness to the movie without being excessive. Basically, there are plenty of scenes that don't hold much back. One of the best examples involves Coffy getting into a catfight with other call girls. Men who are excited by catfights may enjoy this one, because it involves women throwing each other around, hurling objects that shatter, and partially ripping each other's dresses off. And in another scene, a man is tied to a car and gets dragged to death.

For a movie that exists purely for entertainment value, Coffy certainly does not disappoint. If you want to watch something with gratuitous content on top of a cool character and plot, I would suggest Coffy. It's also good for anyone who's interested in the genre of 70s blaxploitation films. Even as a film made primary by African-Americans for African-Americans, Coffy manages to be engaging across all racial lines. Don't let the seemingly specialized target audience stop you from checking out Coffy. The character and the actress playing her are definitely sassy, sexy bombshells.

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