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The Fifth Element (1997)

The Fifth Element is not too bad for a science-fiction adventure movie...

I recall one movie critic who, at the time of the film's release in 1997, called The Fifth Element "the Star Wars of the 90s." I remember that just because many people, including myself, like to use Star Wars as a standard for all other sci-fi movies. That doesn't mean I expected a lot out of The Fifth Element. Given how incredible the original Star Wars trilogy was, I knew The Fifth Element could not be the next Star Wars. At least The Fifth Element was still a fun movie.

I like the futuristic setting with its mixture of familiar sights and technologies that don't exist yet. For example, a city like New York now has flying vehicles with traffic on multiple levels in the air. Within this traffic is cab driver Korben Dallas, played by Bruce Willis. He becomes the hero of this movie when, by chance, he runs into a woman named Leeloo, played by Milla Jovovich. She is a mystery because she does not speak Korben's language.

Speaking of characters, there are two others worth mentioning. I say "worth mentioning" because they have strange on-screen appearances, almost giving the film a somewhat humorous touch. One is Gary Oldman as the villain named Zorg. He is an interesting villain, though not a menacing one. If you think he looks somewhat weird, check out the other character I want to mention: Chris Tucker as a singer named Ruby. Not only is he a cross-dresser. He also screams like a woman in frightening situations.

Joking aside, the movie is a fun adventure as two sides race to seek four stones plus something called the fifth element. The plot mostly involves this chase and isn't too heavy on action. However, when there is action, it's quite entertaining. Perhaps the best action scene is the one that occurs on a spacecraft that resembles a 20th-century cruise ship. Bruce Willis, known for the Die Hard action films, is pretty cool here, too.

Although The Fifth Element is nothing special, and certainly not the Star Wars of the 90s, it's not a terrible waste of time. It has what you expect in a modern science-fiction movie: a developed plot and cast of characters within an array of special effects, all generating excitement and fun. Even so, I still wonder why Zorg couldn't be more memorable or why Ruby had to be in this kind of story, but that's just my opinion. I liked The Fifth Element enough to give it 6 stars out of 10.

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