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Mouse Hunt (1997)

This concept of man versus mouse will make you laugh out loud...

Mouse Hunt is a movie you might like if you enjoy those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. It features two men, Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans), trying to catch a mouse. Unlike Tom and Jerry, it's not a plotless cartoon. There is a small story here about these two men inheriting an old house and working in a string factory. It explains why they would go through so much trouble just to catch one mouse.

Even so, Mouse Hunt is one of those comedies where it would be just as funny even if you threw the plot out. The mayhem of mouse hunting is the real treat. Ernie and Lars are not entirely dumb but they do have so much bad luck. It's hilarious to watch them suffer as their attempts to catch this mouse backfire. These are not little things that happen, like one finger stuck in a mousetrap. Instead, they are major disasters that slowly demolish the house they're trying to save.

One interesting scene features a cameo by Christopher Walken. He plays Caesar, an exterminator who is hired by Ernie and Lars to catch this mouse while the two men are away. Now, if you love Walken and his quick appearances in films, his role in Mouse Hunt is no exception. Even Caesar is no match for this super mouse. It's amusing to see Ernie and Lars realize that this little animal is a far bigger threat than they imagined.

The best part is how the second half plays out. It builds up to a climax that is so hilarious and gut-busting. The scenes with man versus mouse are not repetitive and do not trigger the same amount of laughter all the way through. They deliver increasing amounts of humor to keep you laughing. The final surprise appears in the last few minutes. There is a bittersweet ending after all of this trouble with the mouse.

Overall, Mouse Hunt is a real delight. As a family film, it appeals to both kids and adults and will make them both laugh. Interestingly, the adult can experience the movie both ways: as a grownup finding cleverness in the story and as a kid giggling at childish jokes. So if you're an adult watching this movie with a kid or two, don't worry about being bored to death while the kids are laughing like crazy. It's got something for everybody.

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