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Scary Movie (2000)

Instead of being funny and lighthearted, the film resorts to sick vulgar humor...

I originally looked forward to seeing Scary Movie for one reason: to laugh. I like spoof and parody films, but more so, I like slapstick films. Movies like the Naked Gun movies, the Hot Shots movies, and some of Mel Brooks's comedies have always been the kind to make me smile. I was hoping Scary Movie would do the same. However, I now believe the trailer was somewhat deceptive.

Let me get the story out of the way. You have a group of teenagers who accidentally killed a guy. They vow to never tell anyone about it, and then they find a killer trying to kill each of them. That's really it for the plot. At the time I watched Scary Movie, I did not see horror movies like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer to know which parts of Scary Movie came from which horror film, but that's beside the point. The movie is mainly a set of pop culture jokes that have little to do with any kind of serial killer plot.

Is the movie funny? It could have been funnier if the film had more funny scenes. However, there weren't too many and the trailer showed all the good ones, including a fight with the killer in the style of The Matrix. Still, I did like the scene involving several guys imitating the "Whassup" Bud Light commercial. And believe it or not, I also liked the very last shot of the very last scene in the movie. It was both funny and a shocking surprise.

But now let me warn you of the numerous gross and offensive scenes. They include, in no particular order (and you HAVE been warned), Carmen Electra getting stabbed in one of her breast implants, the killer getting high on homemade drugs, a volcanic male orgasm, a fat girl getting stuck in a garage door, a penis with an unexpected part of some guy's head, some flatulence jokes, and anything else you can imagine involving any conceivable body organ or fluid.

Yes, I didn't like the movie. I almost hate it completely, but what I do like are two things: the funny scenes and the babes. That's it. It's vulgar, offensive, disgusting, you name it. It's one of those movies where I felt my time was wasted. I don't remember what other movies were out at the time, but whatever they were, I should have picked one of those other ones to see instead. So with that, I doubt I would see the Scary Movie sequels, which I find hard to believe they were actually made.

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