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Space Jam (1996)

A fun basketball movie featuring stars from the worlds of live-action and animation...

Space Jam, featuring basketball star Michael Jordan and legendary cartoon character Bugs Bunny, looks like one of those movies that exists entirely for product placement. You would think so given that Jordan and Bugs appeared together in commercials for Nike athletic shoes. But rest assured. Space Jam does not constantly bombard the audience with the Nike logo. I think the main reason this duo has done a feature-length film is that they have chemistry. They are likable personalities who seem to work well together.

Even so, the only kind of movie you can have with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny is a family film with a very simple plot. The story begins in the cartoon world where aliens are a threat to the Looney Tunes characters. There is fear that freedom will be taken away from these good folks, but a deal is made. The aliens and the Looney Tunes will have a basketball game. If the Looney Tunes win, they can earn back their freedom. The aliens have no problem with this since they know the Tunes will lose.

So what do Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck do? They find someone to join their team. They journey to the world of live-action where they encounter Michael Jordan. As you expect, Jordan enters the cartoon world, learns about the Looney Tunes' predicament, and is asked to be on their basketball team against the aliens. If you are a Looney Tunes fan, you'll certainly find your favorite character in there somewhere, such as Porky Pig, Pepe LePew, and Foghorn Leghorn. There's even a new character in the form of a female rabbit named Lola, who is, as you may guess, Bugs Bunny's romantic interest.

The highlight of the movie, which is really the rest of the movie, is the basketball game. Let me say right now that the outcome is totally predictable, but that's not a bad thing. What's important is that the game itself is just fun to watch. With Michael Jordan, you get to see his cool moves on the court. With the Looney Tunes and the aliens, you get to see plenty of amusing things going on and laugh at a couple of those moments. Oh, and you do have a few other live actors along with Jordan, including Bill Murray and Wayne Knight in supporting roles.

And that is really all there is to it. Don't get me wrong. Space Jam is a quick movie but an enjoyable one. It's certainly something to check out if you're a fan of Michael Jordan, the Looney Tunes, or both. Plus, it's a live-action/animation hybrid. It's something I don't often see in movies, so it's a refreshing sight. With that, I shall end this review by quoting Porky Pig's famous closing line (without the stuttering): "That's all, folks!"

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