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The Truth About Cats and Dogs (1996)

Janeane Garofalo shines in this romantic comedy with a nice message...

The Truth About Cats and Dogs is not just about love and beauty. It's also about the connection between the two, how different people may perceive this connection, and the consequences of such perceptions. It stars Janeane Garofalo as Abby, a veterinarian who hosts a radio show, and Uma Thurman as Noelle, Abby's friend. Both actresses are good here, but Garofalo is clearly the center of attention in this film. Rather, she plays someone who wants to be the center of attention but is too afraid.

It all starts with Brian, a handsome single man who enters Abby's life. Apparently, he wants to meet Abby after hearing her voice on the show. Soon, the problem becomes evident, not with Brian but with Abby. She considers herself the less attractive one compared to her friend Noelle.. Abby panics enough that, when it's finally time to meet Brian, Abby resorts to switching identities with Noelle.

Clearly, the problem doesn't get any better. Noelle is now dating Brian whom he thinks is Abby. Meanwhile, Abby is watching this occur in front of her very eyes. Now, if Abby is simply willing to give up on Brian and wait for another guy to come along, it may still be OK. Instead, Abby does have feelings for Brian, and it slowly breaks her heart.

Basically, The Truth About Cats and Dogs is about self-esteem. If you love yourself, then it's easier for others to love you just as much. We've all been told this at least once, but by watching this movie, you can easily understand it. I did find myself somewhat heartbroken as the Janeane Garofalo character goes through an emotional rollercoaster. I saw nothing wrong with her looks, but her own perception, not the perception of others, is what really hurts her.

That's why the movie is rather nice. It is predictable, but the presence of a message and life lesson makes it work. After the movie ended, I thought about what the truth about cats and dogs might be: cats and dogs may be different animals, but if they have a gentle heart, appearances would become irrelevant. The same is definitely true with men and women and, for that matter, ourselves and everyone else.

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